Infosys Ltd (NSE:INFY) has come face to face with a major challenge this time around. The dispute erupted after news reached the company’s founders that the board of software Services Company Infosys Ltd had again made the wrong move implement a pay hike for Pravin Rao, the company’s chief executive officer.

 From a speculative perspective, seems the company has been doing a lot of things wrongfully lately and that sparks the need to even scrutinize it further in terms of the way it carries out operations.

As a matter of fact, there is a great relationship between how any company in any part of the world performs with its governance system. According to research, those companies with proper governance have most at times showcased great performances in terms of the generation of high revenues as well as in the delivery of top notch services to customers.

Infosys Ltd is beyond any cloud of doubt headed the wrong way considering that if it is not going to dedicate itself to making changes. It is not all about the founders, the recent issue has sparked high talk around the other parties that follow on the company closely with some questioning its operations.

It was a very bad idea according to them the choosing to hike Pravin’s y by about 70% considering that the company’ dedicated employees were only to receive about an 8% pay-hike. This was in every sense illogical and unreasonable at the same time.

At the moment, the founders have moved in to make the board account for its actions and seemingly they won’t have a choice but to put their house in order because such acts won’t be condoned.

Such acts are a major disgrace to the company and retrogressive as well and need to be avoided even in future since they go along way towards killing the motivation of the company’s employees.

He company’s founders are determined to push the board until it carries out a proper regulations in regards to the matter .The ones who stand to benefit from the move are the employees since finally justice will be given room to reign.