The top end microprocessor provider, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has brought to a sudden halt the Intel Developers Forum (IDF), its annual mega-conference in the city of San Francisco.

To this moment there are still people who aren’t aware of the main cause for putting that sudden hold and most of them have been asking questions. As a matter of fact it is for the best reasons. According to close sources, they had recently been experiencing difficulties getting across a one-voiced message as it trudged past the just powering PCs t new horizons.

As a matter of fact, Anandtech was the very first one to make public the IDF cancellation and was closely followed by a post on the event website.

According to the company’s top executives, this year’s IDF was set to be held from August 15th through the 17th. However, a new report from the provider disregarded that original plan citing that the annual IDF conference in China this year had been rendered null and void.

From the company’s history, the provider uses the opportunity to actually launch new processors as well as make new product announcements. However, no one should start pointing fingers considering that the inside sources are confident the company is in control and is doing things that are to its best interest as well as those it cooperates with.

However it is important to clear up the air around the matter and to say it as it is. According to one of the company’s top executive, Intel is now expanding its spectrum of thought and looks forward to doing a greater business which will impress the world and particularly its investors. It wants to move past PCs and servers to venture to higher heights where it will pay focus to the “internet of things” and the self-driven cars.

The company is looking forward to be a part of the smaller and focused events, a move that will as a matter of fact see it give a lift to its presence t the trade shows as well as other great events.