Novocure Ltd (NASDAQ:NVCR) has come forward to make the announcement regarding the Phase 3 study’s positive results .According to the company’s insiders, the study had been put in place to help evaluate the combination of its cancer drug Optune and its abilities to deal with the condition called glioblastoma.

The presentation of the analysis was made at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting which was of course held in Washington D.C .From the results obtained from the research, it was clear that indeed Optune in a major way improved the overall survival rates and that was a good promise to the cancer patients for a start.

A number of patients suffering from glioblastoma (GBM) were administered with the Optune plus temozolomiden which brought to light a new revelation which impressed a lot of the cancer patients. The research indicated a two-year survival rate. Those patients administered with Optune together with temozolomide showcased better results in relation to those treated with temozolomide alone.

This is of course an indication of a great step to the right direction in the quest to try and identify the best forms of treatment that will help transform the lives of patients struggling with cancer. The company is also looking forward to generating more revenues, some of which it will direct to more research considering the major market dynamics that show up from time to time.

According to the company’s top executives, this is the very first time in the company’s history that the Phase 3 trial is showcasing positive results. The M.D. and principal investigator of the trial, Dr. Roger Stupp has come forward to say that the trial in a great way established an entirely unique approach to the treatment of cancer with quite minimal toxicity.

The Jersey-based commercial-stage oncology company, Saint Helier, has come forward to make an important revelation. Helier said that Optune plus had by far revealed much better and desirable results. The future according to him was good for patients, the company as well as the company investors.GBM happens to be a malignant tumor which adversely affects the human brain or spine and it needs to be curbed before it spreads causing more serious effects.