According to recent reports, the computer technology giant Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL), has purchased the Dutch code testing and deployment startup- Wercker for an unknown amount of money.

Also, Oracle’s shares were speculated to be about 25%, after the company had bought the Wercker for a sum that hasn’t been disclosed.

Wercker is reported to have generated a sum of $8 million since the startup’s inception in 2012.

However Oracle is said to be on a company-buying spree, as it has recently purchased quite a number of companies in the past few months.

For example the acquisition of “DNS provider Dyn and API development startup Apiary.”

Wercker is said to be a Dutch startup that provides the necessary tools for ‘automating’ the process of ‘testing and deploying code. ‘It was founded in 2012, from Amsterdam. Wercker is said to offer developers “a container-centric platform that helps automate the development of applications and microservices.”

The Oracle owned company is reported to operate in a circle that has competitors like “Shippable, Codeship, CircleCI,, and Semaphore.”

Oracle has a powerful cloud data and increased human capital, hence it’s purpose also involves creating a beneficial platform for companies building software mainly for cloud deployment.

When asked about the plans for Wercker, Oracle stated that with their joint forces, they intend to democratize a developer ‘tooling for the modern cloud.’

Though the terms of the new deal were not disclosed, Oracle and Wercker share a unanimous view, which entails that developers will gain immensely from the focus on building superb products and applications. This is following the building of top ‘IaaS and PaaS’ platform as the foundation for the incoming generation of cloud computing.

For a leading cloud, a great tooling is important, that is why the purchase of Wercker’s ‘container lifecycle management’ will provide Oracle’s team of engineers with the developer experience they need to develop, launch and enhance their applications.

Moreover, a separate FAQ document is reported to have stated that Wercker will be infused into Oracle’s already existing ‘developer-focused tools and services’ as soon as the deal is closed. Oracle also pointed out that customers of Wrecker will likewise will gain from new and improved integration, coupled with other services.