Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) and Dairy Farmers of America have jointly made an announcement in which they named the seven companies that will be participating in the fourth annual accelerator program, which will as a matter of fact be unveiled today and it is expected to continue through June.

The vice president of Pinsight Media+ who is at the same time the managing executive of the Sprint Accelerator, Kevin McGinnis has expressed great excitement following the recent unveiling of its restructured program.

According to the top executive, the new move through the Corporate Accelerator program will facilitate better positioning of the company’s entrepreneurs and it will be a great thing watching the company develop the capacity to meet up to all the needs of its corporate sponsors while at the same time establishing long-term partnerships.

In making his statement, the senior vice president of Finance at Dairy Farmers of America Kevin Strathman spoke on behalf of the high end company saying that it was a moment of great joy to be linking up with Sprint on the 2017 Accelerator program. It was a huge step forward for them since it would hopefully help them generate huge revenues which they would of course use to do major expansions.

Asides from that, it would help them attract more investors, something that will help push the company forward. The Expansions would help them create more employment opportunities and according to the company’s analysts, the new move couldn’t have come at a better time!

The top executive went ahead to add that a lot was going on in the line of innovation in regards to the agriculture space and that the company remained committed to helping mentor the startup companies and firms. The managing director of the Corporate Accelerator, Doug Dresslaer, has outlined that the high end provider had implemented a number of important changes to its program and this was the fourth year of its continued commitment.

According to some trusted sources, the two entrepreneurs are with time gaining access to all the necessary resources that they need to make important steps forward in the line of growth.