Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s F-250 Super Duty “King Ranch” is the new way to go for any lover of amazing lifestyles as well as for those who always look forward to be a cut above the rest.

The newest and enormous special edition is characterized by a 6,000 pound King Ranch’s 6.7 liter Power Stroke turbodiesel engine which as a matter of fact is able to put out about 440 horse power.

This is the reason behind the truck’s great ability to tow an RV motor home with much ease. According to Ford, the steel frame of the truck is somewhat 24 times stiffer in relation to of course its prior version.

For those that deeply understand the essence of paying for value, this is seen as the real deal according to some of the top experts in the industry. You will be sure to love the spacious cabin in the King Ranch which is characterized by a number of leather seats, heated steering wheel, 110v/400w inverter power outlet, second row heated seats not forgetting the Sync Connect system and according to most of the buyers, it surely doesn’t get any better than this!

It is not yet the time to stop when it comes to the mention of the top features that come with the newest brand! You will still be in order to dream of 360 degree camera, massive twin panel sunroof and the inflatable rear safety belts as a matter of fact.

It is time to focus on pricing and this shouldn’t be the cause for worry for anyone! Things are looking great and you will concur with this statement especially considering the pricing which kick starts at $51,000.

It goes without saying that it is a deal that is worthy your money considering all that the brand comes with. You may be interested to know about the topping out of the deal and don’t look any further! You have to be prepared with over $78,000 and you re good to go!

According to some top analyst, it is clearer that indeed the truck sales maintain their vibrancy being the brightest spot for Ford and at large the auto industry.