Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR) has today come forward make the much awaited for announcement where it let all the concerned parties know that indeed the former head of the Network Deployment and Operations organization at Google Fiber, Chris Levendos would be joining the top end company to serve in the capacity of the new Executive Vice President, Field Operations.

John Lass is the new top executive’s predecessor and according to some trusted sources, he has come to the end of his career after serving the industry for a large section of his life and he thinks it is time to retire.

According to the company’s insiders, Levendos will as a matter of fact be reporting to Dan McCarthy who happens to be the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He is already set to perform his assigned roles as a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

One thing that is for sure and which the management team looks forward to is- Levendos will make good use of his many years of experience and expertise to better serve the varying customer needs.

 It goes without saying that indeed the company will be seeking to maximize on the effectiveness of Frontier’s robust fiber-optic as well as the copper networks in a bid to boost the speed capabilities and expand reach.

The company is counting on the fact that the top executive spent a huge chunk of his working years at Google Fiber, where he headed numerous networks planning operations, design and expansion.

At Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ), he served in that capacity of the region president and according to some close sources, he brought about much transformation that he will be remembered for.

While making his statement to a number of news reporters, Dan McCarthy said, “I am confident Chris will further enhance the robust resources of our field operations teams and our network assets, allowing Frontier to continue to provide the bandwidth options that support advanced technology and connectivity. We remain focused on providing homes and small, medium and commercial businesses with technologies that will help us lead in our markets, scale wisely, and create seamless network experiences.”

It is a great step forward for the company to bring on board some new energy and the future is something we just have to wait and see unfold.