Medical Transcription Billing Corp (NASDAQ:MTBC), which happens to be one of the top providers of mHealth and cloud-based clinical and practice management solutions, to the satisfaction of many has moved ahead to make the announcement regarding its new move that that saw it sign in some two new clients yesterday.

According to the company’s board of directors, the new move is hoped to impact the provider positively considering that it comes by with the possibility of helping Medical Transcription Billing Corp generate more than $1 million in combined, recurring, annual revenues,, which is as a matter of fact expected to kick-starts by the third quarter 2017, and that eventually marks a record day of new business signings for the company.

One of the company’s top executives in a statement said, “We’re very pleased to welcome these new clients, who are regional leaders in their respective specialties of pain management and orthopedics. Yesterday was a record day of closings for us and we’ll continue expanding our reach into new markets as we enable healthcare providers to optimize revenues, while reducing operating costs.”

The fourth quarter 2016 saw MTBC close its most significant acquisition not forgetting that it embarked on the unveiling of its new organic growth initiative. In line with this new initiative, the company is said to have directed some of its resources to revamping production and this time around it had resolved to move ahead and hire some new experienced healthcare sales leaders.

The great need for any top provider to ensuring that it has with it an experienced and top class labor force is something that cannot be underrated especially when it comes to making plans to give the provider a lift in production and better service delivery.

There are a lot of reactions among the concerned parties following the move by the provider to actually expand its cross-marketing partners. But one thing is for sure, Medical Transcription Billing Corp is on track to move ahead and as a matter of fact get to attend the more than 20 industry conferences in the course of 2017.