Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), which is the industry leader to beat has moved forward to develop two new science-based nutrition drinks which will move quite a long way to help the different patients who had been to surgery some time back recover as fast as possible.

Let’s face it, after undergoing surgery, the days that follow may be filled with a lot of discomfort and a lot of patients even end up forgetting the good that is to follow after the surgery. The great thing and news that should be sure to impress all those that underwent surgeries is that the top provider has gotten them covered and thus they will be protected from the great discomfort after taking the new drink.

A top scientist working with Abbott, Christina Sherry while addressing a press conference said, “Preparing your body for surgery is similar to training for a marathon. Just like you wouldn’t fast before a big race, you want to prepare your body to have the strength and energy needed for a major procedure. Getting the right nutrition before and after surgery is an important part of the recipe to support healing and recovery.”

It is critical that matters be put as they are! As a matter of fact, in the course of a surgery; a lot of patients are usually force to struggle with high stress levels and discomfort. This is followed by weight loss, inflammation, muscle loss, poor wound healing and some other complications such as a wide array of infections.

 According to one of the provider’s top executives, it will be quite an important thing for any patient to move forward and take in specific forms f nutrition. That will go quite a long way kin helping them get to reap from a number of the health as well as the associated economic benefits.

Roger Bird,a top scientist working with Abbott SVP while addressing a press conference said, “Nutrition is the foundation of good health and has been proven to improve health outcomes. With the introduction of Ensure Enlive, we’re entering a new era of science-based nutrition that helps people recover, rebuild muscle and have the strength and energy to do the things they love. Since we first introduced Ensure more than 40 years ago, which created a new class of medical nutrition, it remains the No. 1 doctor-recommended brand in the U.S. Abbott continues to pave the way forward by pairing the latest science with the right nutrition so people can live better at every stage of their lives.”

The latest move is one among the numerous moves the company has made in the recent past and it goes without saying that the provider is heading the right way in terms of achieving the highest success levels.