One of the most recent surveys reveals that indeed a lot of people are turning to Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) because they have much faith that it will offer better protection to their data in opposition to Facebook, Inc Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB).

One out of five people who settled on Snapchat when interviewed revealed that they settled for the app because of its remarkable capabilities in protecting user data and privacy as well. On the other hand, there was the group that “voted” in favor of Facebook of course ranking it as the best platform that they believed would protect their data well. The associated ratio in this particular case was closer to one in six.

From merely looking at the associated figures, one obvious fact lingers-more people are leaning to using Snapchat. Let’s face it, privacy concerns cannot be taken for granted since doing that may result in some terrible consequences.

You may choose to look at it this way-a lot of people may cease their activity the moment they realize that their information is being mishandled. That is not good for the provider either since it might lead to the loss of ad dollars. It is indeed a matter of paramount importance that any company develops the capacity to uphold trust with its respective audience since that would move a long way towards sustaining retention, growth and engagement as well.

As matter of fact, those users feel that the provider they subscribe to prioritizes their privacy protection will eventually end up interacting more authentically with the platform. It is up to any provider that wishes to expand the reach and coverage of its services to make the bold step to ensure that the users subscribed to their platform feel more at ease and are sure about the protection of their privacy. This will encourage those users to post, share and even send genuine content.

One quite admirable aspect about Snapchat’s environment lies in the fact that it in a great way encourages the different users to be more self-expressive as well as less self-conscious. It goes without saying that Snapchat is indeed making tremendous steps forward in terms of providing better services to users.