A number of the top trusted sources have gone ahead to unveil the fact that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) in 2016 managed to ink a $10 million deal that put the provider in the best position to take to live-streaming the Thursday Night NFL football games.

As a matter of fact, the top provider failed to collect the advertising revenues as would have been expected. However, it still observes it as some sort of a worthwhile experiment and one thing that is worth mentioning is that the price tag was indeed low.

Let’s face it; one would still be in order to term, the project a great success.

Critically thinking, in one way or the other that seems to be why, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) was comfortable paying five-fold for a similar deal in 2017.As would have been expected, Twitter was definitely priced out. It wasn’t the only one considering that a series of other investors ended up in great disappointment.

 According to a number of some other top trusted sources, Twitter seemingly isn’t about to quit on its quest to put up a good fight. That came out pretty clearly through a statement unveiled by twitter on Thursday where it clearly outlined that it had plans underway to in a major way increase streaming coverage for the wide array of events.

It goes without saying that this is indeed a timely move and a progressive one for twitter in terms of edging closer to business success. The company is known to do much in terms of staying relevant in the market as well as in competing in the world markets.

It is moment of great joy for all the NFL players after the social media giant on Thursday moved ahead to pronounce that NFL was as a matter of part of the list in those services it was going to provide users with.

During the NFL season, sources reveal that both NFL Network and twitter will each be given a 30-minute show five days a week. The pregame news, highlights as well as warm-ups will be given priority when it comes to coverage.

The top company hopes that it will soon be able to attract more additional users.