JD.Com Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:JD), which happens to be an e-commerce giant and at the same time the top competitor for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) has according to sources gotten into talks that will culminate in the provider investing a huge chunk of its resources into the Indonesian e-commerce service Tokopedia .The central goal will of course be to ramp up the provider’s expansion into Southeast Asia.

According to some recent reports, the company is said to be in its earliest stages in the investment of millions of dollars and it hopes for the very best in the long run. Some close sources indicate that the potential investment could move up Tokopedia’s valuation above $1 billion.

By JD moving forward to make the investment in the Indonesian company, it hopes to gain an edge in the region ahead of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) establishing itself in the area and getting to reap from it.

Just like the rest of the top providers, the company has got its best moments. Sometime back it hit its all-time high, something that hit headlines in a major way. As you would have expected, that had a lot of investors flocking to the provider all with goal of getting o share in that “cake” of the vibrant company.

In an interview, one of the company’s top executives had moved ahead to state that the higher revenues collected had much to do with the great discipline among workers and the team spirit as well. The company is at the moment exploring all possible options that will see it rise higher on the ranks and that will be the secret to achieving even higher levels of business success.

When confronted by a number of top news reporters, one of the company’s top executive had moved ahead to say that in their recent board meetings they had been considering forming alliances with some like-minded companies in an effort to generate more revenues that would of course be directed towards developmental activities.

The top executive added that they believed in impressing the customers more than anything else and that their customers had to just wait since there company had much in store for them for the days to come.