Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) Will soon start offering managed enterprise services with Cisco Meraki, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO). The managed service will help cut down on the number of devices on-site. Onwards, it will be easy to access information through a single cloud-based interface for single or multisite customers. On top of this, it is set to obtain information through a single cloud-based interface for single or multisite customers, phone, SD-WAN and video surveillance through a single administrative dashboard.

The other thing is that Cisco Meraki will also be integrating with other CenturyLink offerings, including Fiber+, Managed Office and Location-Based Analytics. The high end company has set up monthly per-device pricing for the managed solution.

In the last three years, CenturyLink has been making efforts to establish itself as a global leader in hosted IT solutions arena designed for enterprise customers as well as in the cloud infrastructure. The provider’s strong network capabilities, network solutions and integrated hosting will help promote growth in the cloud business.

In May 2017, Level 3 Communications LVLT and CenturyLink completed their proposed merger. According to, the combined entity will most probably help generate $975 million of annual cash synergies. The company’s spokes woman has outlined that the deal might be closed by the third quarter of 2017.That will of course be subject to customary regulatory approvals.

In the previous year, CenturyLink purchased cloud app management specialist, ElasticBox, and analysts have said that will help the provider’s customers manage applications across 12 different cloud providers.

In the past, CenturyLink just like the rest of the top end companies has had its own challenges. One of the challenges and which affected the provider a huge deal was the recent 7 percent drop in shares. This was caused by a published a story on a former employee. He claimed that the company had fired him after simply because he had revealed some fraudulent billings.

It was indeed a tough time for the company. However, it did what it could and lately its shares have started rising steadily. The alliance with Cisco Meraki is expected to help the company a huge deal.