Emily Horne is the new communications director and she will be heading policy and user safety concerns. This is after Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) finally decided to hire her to serve in this capacity based on her qualifications and track record. This is not something new for the company. Over the years it has always been very cautious before making the move to hire anyone. This is because any company’s employees directly impact productivity.

Horne has worked for many years serving in different capacities in various companies. Recently, she served as the assistant press secretary for the National Security Council and the work she did while there was remarkable. In fact, some of the company’s insiders have revealed that the good job she did here contributed much towards her new appointment.

According to, the top official handled messaging regarding anti-ISIL counterterrorism efforts. She was expected to constantly serve the high-ranking government officials with her latest findings. Horne wasn’t the type to sleep on her job. She will be remembered by the body for playing an important role that helped top government official access critical information that they used to counter terrorism.

At twitter, Horne will be doing something quite similar. She will be overseeing messaging and communications for anything tied to issues of hate speech, abuse and user privacy. The various terrorists worldwide have lately been using the different social media platforms to further their activities. Most of the governments worldwide have been calling upon the social media platforms to help them in the fight against the vice. As a matter of fact, the social media platforms have a role to play and Twitter is at the forefront towards making things happen.

She is expected to start serving the company from June 19 with the title of global policy communications director. Horne will be reporting to Kristin Binns, who is the senior Director of Communications at Twitter. One of the top executives working with Twitter in a recent board meeting said that as a company they sympathized with all those families that had lost their loved ones through the heinous acts of terrorism. He said they were going to help.