Moleculin Biotech Inc (NASDAQ:MBRX) has today made the much awaited announcement. Through one of its top executives, it revealed that it was making its entry into an agreement with a physician at the Mayo Clinic. The goal was to see to it that more was done in line with carrying out additional research on Moleculin’s WP1066 molecule. The medication is expected to help with the treatment of a rare form of pediatric brain tumor.

Mayo Clinic physician-scientists have as a matter of fact forwarded their request. The company has promised to supply them with WP1066 for preclinical testing for the potential treatment of pediatric Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) which happens to be a severe form of brain tumor.

The ongoing Mayo Clinic studies outlined that DIPG may be very sensitive. This is especially to the activated form of a cell-signaling protein called STAT3, which happens to be the main target of the WP1066.Preliminary studies have been carried. One thing that is quite evident is that it demonstrated significant anti-tumor activity of WP1066 in DIPG in vitro and in the vivo tumor models.

An independent research that was carried out recently revealed that WP1066 is capable of tumor suppression in xenografts of human brain tumors transplanted into mice. According to, the researchers affirmed that they were going to move WP1066 into the clinic in a short while.

The Chairman and CEO of Moleculin, Walter Klemp, while talking to news reporters said, “we are proud to have an institution as renown as Mayo Clinic focus on WP1066 as a potential treatment for DIPG. This, along with the physician efforts at MD Anderson to secure an IND to study WP1066 for the treatment of adult brain tumors, continues to validate the potential importance of WP1066 in the treatment of difficult tumors.”

The company has been making efforts over the years to help patients globally access proper treatment. However, there have been a lot of challenges. Moleculin Biotech Inc has remained resilient and dedicated to work. Soon it hopes to generate high revenues that will help it implement major expansions.