OMEN by HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) is the official PC Partner of Overwatch® World Cup for 2017.the OMEN X Desktop PCs are powering the gameplay for a wide range of the worldwide tournament’s live events.

What inspires OMEN is the rise in the level of competition in the modern gaming lifestyle. It is specifically designed to cater for the needs of present day’s gaming community. It is a whole new experience for the gamers since they expect to gain access to a completely new portfolio of products this summer. They will also be able to leverage on the different customer insights from the gaming community. Involved parties believe that there is need to give competitive gamers and athletes an edge.

At the moment, there are ongoing efforts for the reinvention of the OMEN portfolio. Experts insist that making the choice to work with Blizzard Entertainment is a clear demonstration of the focus by HP to ensure growth of esports worldwide. The OMEN PCs, accessories as well as displays are made in such a way that they are able to optimize competitive gaming. As a matter of fact, HP seems to be making major investments .At the moment it has sponsored a major esports event.

According to, HP wishes to recognize and celebrate the competitive spirit that burns inside all gamers. It hopes to soon unveil an entirely new, top end and comprehensive portfolio of OMEN by the gaming products of HP.

The global head of marketing, personal systems at HP, Alex Craddock, while recently addressing a press conference said, “We’re excited to be working with Blizzard Entertainment by helping power the gameplay behind the Overwatch World Cup. HP is dedicating itself to helping grow esports by investing in the athletes of the future and our partnership with Blizzard Entertainment is a big step in pursuing that goal.”

HP is one of the most celebrated companies around the world. It leads in developing technology that helps enhance life for everyone no matter where he/she is situated. The company takes great pride in its portfolio of printers, mobile devices, PCs, solutions, and services. It affirms that these help it engineer amazing experiences.