Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SRCO) has announced entering into a transaction with Dallas, North Carolina Police Department that will see the company expand its Southeast geographic footprint. The transaction involves the acquisition of new Dodge Charger police vehicles. The Dallas, North Carolina Police Department will now become part of the growing list of over 20 other North and South Carolina municipal agencies which have decided to leverage Sparta’s municipal lease program so as to meet its essential equipment needs.

The company’s municipal lease program has gained popularity and acceptability among towns and cities countrywide which shows the positive word-of-mouth between government officials and their partner-vendors alike as well as the growing recognition among government decision makers on the economic advantages of choosing to lease, as opposed to buying expensive equipment.

By leveraging the company’s lease program, it makes it easier to spread costs over time hence allowing the assets to pay for itself and at the same time offer more time flexibility to a municipality’s budgeting considerations.

While commenting on the transaction, Town of Dallas, NC Town Manager Maria Stroupe said they were researching on the available financing options for new police cruisers when they heard of Sparta Commercial’s municipal lease program. She added that the company responded satisfactory to all concerns and addressed all the needs on the table. Stroupe says the company’s staff was particularly fruitful in helping them through the entire process and details over the whole program.

Apart from police trucks and cars, the company’s lease program also accommodates nearly any essential-use equipment. The company offers a wide range of services ranging from municipal trucks, school buses, tactical vehicles, police gear, emergency services vehicles, ambulances, fire engines and surveillance equipment among other.

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