Traders News Source according to numerous trusted sources has decided to issue a comprehensive report with no obligation on Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ:ANY). Over the years, the firm has been providing independent equity research and corporate access services to the wide range of both the small and mid-cap public companies.

On the other hand, Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ:ANY) was lately praised by one of the top analysts who said that since its establishment, the company has been doing quite well in terms of delivering top notch services to all its customers.

It has over the years been providing virtualization technologies and data management solutions thus enabling the various organizations deploy a combination of private, public or hybrid cloud strategies through containerized applications, virtual storage, virtual desktops, and physical hyper-converged platforms.

According to the company’s insiders, the provider has been selling its products through its distributor and reseller network to small and medium enterprises, distributed enterprises and the small and medium businesses.

At the start of this month, the provider announced its move to release its new HVE Appliances supporting Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) technology. These NVMe enabled appliances according to are by far much more efficient in comparison to the SSD only platforms. They as a matter of fact allow for over 3 times the drive read / write performance and this is a true showcasing of what the new developments in technology can do.

Some time back, Sphere 3D Corp was awarded a contract valued at ~$3M in which it was entrusted with the provision of a next-generation campus network and architecture that would facilitate a smooth evolution to Software-Defined Networking (SDN).It was to offer these services to an Independent School District (“ISD”) which was an existing customer of its HVE virtualization group and as a matter of fact it did a remarkable job.

The chairman and CEO of Sphere 3D, Eric Kelly while speaking to a number of top news reporters said, “Our decision to acquire HVE ConneXions and UCX ConneXions was largely based on our desire to provide Sphere 3D partners and customers with world class engineering and architectural support for their IT transformation initiatives.”