Vitality Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS:VBIO) has unveiled some exciting news. It has through a statement revealed that it has obtained positive results demonstrating antimicrobial activity of cannabinoids. It has thus resolved to file for a patent protection on the use of cannabinoid compounds which help a huge deal towards facing out microbes including Clostridium difficile and the rest of the “superbug” pathogens.

The multiple pathogenic bacterial infections have been resulting into complications that have over time claimed a lot of lives. This top company is looking forward to putting up a fight against such complexities and hopes to win in the long run.

The top company in an effort to achieve its goals recently appointed Dr. Douglas A. Drossman and Dr. Mark Gerich. These two will serve as the provider’s clinic advisors. Both of them have showcased great expertise in gastroenterology and treatment of digestive disorders. It goes without saying that the company will be able to make a difference in a few years to come with these two serving in their assigned roles.

Douglas A. Drossman happens to be the founder and is at this moment serving as the President of the Rome Foundation. This is an independent nonprofit research organization that has over a long period of time remained dedicated to enhancing lives of persons struggling with functional GI disorders.

Asides from that, he is also an Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and has served the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine.

 According to, this top executive is a top expert in the diagnosis and treatment of narcotic bowel syndrome, which is a critical form of opiate-induced abdominal pain. The Chief Executive Officer of Vitality Biopharma, Robert Brooke while addressing a recent board meeting said, “We’re very excited to work with Dr. Drossman and Dr. Gerich at this stage of our development, as we advance into clinical studies and towards applying cannabinoids for the treatment of a variety of gastrointestinal disorders.”