Fitbit Inc. (NYSE:FIT) is now expressing its confidence that it is on the right track as far as the production of its first smart watch is concerned. According to the CEO, James Park, through the Financial Times, it is clear now that the company could be well placed in a position to start distributing its unique product later this year.

Many analysts had speculated that the company could do so according to its timelines because of the need to provide its customer with what they promised earlier. According to other sources, Fitbit is one among the many most innovative companies in the world that does beat its datelines at all times.

Fitbit Smart Watch has Attractive and Competitive Features

The production of the smart waterproof watch started a year ago but this period included research and testing of the efficiency of such a smart and expensive watch. According to different sources, the watch is smart because of the fact that it has high-tech sensors with accelerometers, heart rate monitors and a GPS tracking application. On the other hand, it is said to have a small limitation which is the fact that it cannot support 4G LTE. The lovers of this product are still impressed with this new product despite the limitations.

Fitbit Could Outsmart Apples Smart Watch

According to anonymous business analysts, things points towards the idea that Fitbit’s “make or break” smart watch could have been designed with the aim of introducing a stiff competition to other manufacturers such as Apple Inc. Apple has in the past produced an Apple Watch which cemented itself within a short time in the market. Unlike Apple’s smart watch which last a few days after charging, Fitbit’s smart watch has health tracking capabilities and is also said to last for several day without charging. This could be translated to mean that it is a power efficient watch.

Through the CEO, Park who said “definitely, we are focused on figuring out how best to integrate music into fitness experience for people” This could be the reason why Fitbit is constantly wooing Pandora Media Inc. as well as Sportify their hopes being getting them to offer a built-in support which will allow customers to enjoy the watch more.

Fitbit stocks closed yesterday’s session at $5.40 after declining $0.37 or 6.41%.