Ceragon Networks Ltd (NASDAQ:CRNT) has today made the much awaited announcement. It disclosed that it received orders totaling to about $9 million for its IP-20 Platform during Q2.This was in conjunction with the related services from a tier 1 multiservice operator located in India.

Sources indicate that the long-standing customer during the first half of 2017 managed to place a total of about $13 million. This was in a bid to enhance subscriber experience across the nation as well as increase the 4G LTE network capacity.

While recently speaking to some journalists, one of the analysts that have been following the matter closely said that the tier 1 operator significantly needed to accelerate macrocells deployment. That would immensely help build more capacity which would make it possible for the provider to meet up to the needs of its ever rising subscribers demands. Achieving better coverage is a matter that the top company is paying greater attention to lately.

This giant has over the years been considering strategies that would help it cope well with limited fiber availability to macrocells. One of the people familiar with the matter has disclosed that the operator has lately been making efforts to accelerate wireless backhaul rollout. This happens to be a quite challenging mission in the spectrum-congested India, using FibeAir IP-20 multicore technology.

It goes without saying that indeed India has been experiencing quite dramatic internet penetration rates as well as a rise in the wireless data usage. It is also critical to mention the fierce competition for market share arising from the various operators.

The President and CEO of Ceragon, Ira Palti while addressing a number of journalists said, “The scope of our success in India can be attributed to our ability to meet a wide variety of scenarios. We are working together with this customer to rapidly expand capacity and improve existing coverage, while also ensuring the most efficient use of backhaul spectrum and significantly reducing operational costs.”

According to Yahoo, the top provider has other plans underway which it hopes will help it rise to the top to become an industry leader.