Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) has many clients ranging from small, middle and large clients and apparently one of its main latest clients is the is the PCWA, a company responsible for managing water supply, hydro-electric power generation as well as distribution of treated water. It is a fact that PCWA being one of the oldest agency in the United States, its communications have aged too hence the opportunity for Nokia Inc. offer its services with the aim of ensuring that PCWA embraces the latest communication technologies. Nokia has landed in this position after there was need to develop an advanced communication system for PCWA to reach its customers hence improving quality of service delivery.

What PCWA will benefit from After the Agreement is Signed

With its modern internet Protocol/Multi-protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS), Nokia Inc. has entered into an agreement with PCWA to replace its old fashioned communication infrastructure as soon as it the consultation is completed. The new network is believed to offer a packet of microwave network that will uphold a wide range of power generation, water distribution and other supplies. Nokia has a variety of services managed by Network Services Platform (NSP). The services offered by Nokia will address though security measures coupled with reliability and resiliency. It is believed however that Nokia will provide network flexibility crucial for ensuring that PCWA migrates the existing communications traffic successfully.

The whole reconstruction of the new PCWA system will be managed by SAC wireless, a department owned by Nokia. This department will be in charge of site verification, network design and engineering as well as installation of key communication protocols. With such a development Nokia will have helped its client to serve its ever increasing needs of customers.

Nokia Has Invested Heavily on Communication System Upgrade Before

In a statement, the head of Global Energy Segment for Nokia said that the company has invested heavily on modernizing communication systems of different companies. This is therefore one of the expected success. Through modernizing and converging their communication, Nokia believes that it will help its clients in ensuring efficiency, reliability and safety as far as information passing through their new systems is concerned. With such a great trust on Nokia, many speculate the fact that PCWA is headed towards the right direction.