xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) announced recently that its Vislink business has obtained an order worth approximately $1.5 million for the purchase of microwave communications devices from the top manufacturer of medical devices. The new communication device will become Vislink’s integral part of sophisticated medical equipment application.

The medical devices which include the radio frequency (RF) and advanced microwave technologies are increasingly being used in medical field and most healthcare applications and equipment are largely used for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a wide range of diseases. The popular medical applications that are supported by the new technologies are testing, imaging, rehabilitation, and scanning.

According to George Schmitt, the Executive Chairman and CEO at xG Technology, the latest orders will enhance both IMT and Vislink’s communications solutions in the market segments that they have been leading, specifically, the broadcast & media and law enforcement and public safety and defense.

The order also brings more prospects for various industrial applications such as the medical, research, scientific, and much more. These applications will advance the performance and reliability of both IMT and Vislink devices to deliver exceptional services and benefits to the users.

Also, there will be more opportunities in the new markets that will benefit from the new technologies such as the telemedicine and other health programs especially those located in remote areas. At the same time, the xG technology received another order valued approximately $1 million to improve its High-Efficiency Video Coding (HCAM HEVC), a wireless camera technology that will be used in China. The order is part of the universal pre-orders of $2.5 million acquired by Vislink.

The HCAM represents the latest innovation of HEHV 4K UHD wireless transmitter that has the ability to support premium live broadcast occasions. The orders are meant for multiple systems and represent the newest devices that Vislink is supplying to China market. The delivery of the systems will be fulfilled before the end of the year. Vislink expects that the advanced systems will enable them to offer excellent services to their customers and partners across the globe.