BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) and Appdome reported that they are working on codeless integration of secure video, voice and messaging capabilities. It is available under Appdome’s latest service category of Secure Messaging named the BBM® Enterprise SDK, which provides a growing and proven set of secure communications features that mobile app developers as well as integrators can use to achieve faster time-to-market, improved performance security, scalability and lower costs.

The details

Tom Tovar, the CEO of Appdome, reported that with BBM Enterprise SDK, there will be no need for app developers to focus on the complexities and nuances of securing communications; instead they can concentrate on developing solutions for enterprises, customers and clients. Like other mobile integration alternatives performed on Appdome, enterprise customers can integrate this enhanced communication platform in no time without making alterations to code.

BlackBerry ventured into the Communications Platform as a Service market in February 2017 with the launch of its BBM Enterprise SDK which offers mobile-native secure messaging, video and voice capabilities for Android and iOS. By leveraging company’s comprehensive, secure communications structure for mobile applications and services, app developers can focus on more important points as compared to worrying about the complexities of advancing secure messaging features and an IT infrastructure.

There are many other advantages which include seamless protection of chats, video and voice, secure regulatory compliance and organizational data, extended secure interaction, increased accountability and immediate collaboration.

Marty Beard, the COO at BlackBerry, reported that consumer messaging applications, especially when used to perform business, are a basket of unrequired risk to firms of any size in every industry. The BBM Enterprise SDK brings BlackBerry’s legacy and expertise in secure mobile communications in the scope of developers, allowing them with the power to securely connect personnel with colleagues, customers and clients. In addition, with just one-click integration on Appdome, the company is reducing the complexity and cost of integrating messaging, video and voice capabilities into existing services and applications.