Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) has announced a strategic partnership with the new Canadian division of Brazil’s Bionatus Pharmaceutical Laboratory with the aim of improving two products. The two will soon unveil the two products- Propovit and Bio Toss.The two will be in liquid form. Propovit is a spray comprising of numerous ingredients derived from honey. It helps relieve a wide range of sore throat symptoms and it also helps refresh the mouth.

The second product, Bio Toss is some form of syrup that plays a significant role towards the treatment of respiratory disorders. It contains Mikaniaglomerata extracts that have both expectorant and bronchodilator benefits.

Both  BioToss and Propovit showcase great compatibility with ETST’s High Grade CBD-rich Hemp Oil. Under the agreement, ETST is expected to become the exclusive distributor of the two products across the United States over a five-year time frame.

Dr. Michel Aube, ETST’s CEO & CSO opines, “we have selected the research center that will conduct the in vitro assays to demonstrate the efficiency of the nutraceuticals in the ETST product pipeline which are based on the company’s International Provisory Patent Application.”

Earlier, the company promised to deliver the formulas to the Centre De DéveloppementBioalimentaire Du Québec Inc for mass formula conversion.

The Company has plans to unveil its new partner and he will be entrusted with testing the product’s biological activity. The provider is also finalizing the logistics of the launch of the much-awaited MSN-2 medical device and of course it is doing that with Michel Gauthier who happens to be its long-term partner.

A large number of Public Health Officials, as well as doctors, from many countries will be awaiting the release of the product. Earth Science Tech Inc takes great pride in the fact that its current CBD oil has helped a lot in the treatment of a lot of patients that have been struggling with asthma. This provider has the highest quality, purity, and full spectrum High Grade Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil in the world market and promises to do everything possible to continue manufacturing products to boost wellness.