Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) was once the company to beat in the phone industry. Business dynamics are unpredictable and they almost plunged the provider to business oblivion. However, HMD has lately been hitting headlines with its most recent developments. It recently unveiled its Nokia 8.This took place on Wednesday and the product is expected to use the once-dominant Nokia brand.

As a matter of fact, this particular gadget looks like a fairly typical flagship phone in a numerous respects. It pulls along with a sharp display, a strong chipset and dual cameras.

The peculiar feature of the Nokia 8 is what is commonly referred to as “Dual-Sight.”It is a special feature that allows users take photos using the front- and rear-facing cameras at the same time.

Particularly, “bothies” is the name HMD is trying to assign the various images shot with this camera mode. It is almost the same case with a selfie, however, in this case scenario there are images from both sides. A lot of people can attest to the fact that it is actually better to say pretty little in regards to this.

A “Live” icon in the top corner is noticeable at a glance and its essence is clear. It allows users to stream “bothies.”It is the phone’s front and rear cameras that make it possible for users to come up with the split-screen videos. Later on, the same people use the Nokia 8’s camera app to stream them directly to YouTube and Facebook. The recent years have witnessed live video take over social media.

HMD is not the first one to walk down this particular road considering that there are still some other phone makers that have been there before and achieved significant success. The double-camera modes are taking over and they seem to be the future to look forward to.

Experts observe the aspect of live-streaming as a rather special component and it is making Nokia 8 quite popular. The world is headed towards an era where capturing will be made a little bit much easier.