Plug Power Inc (NASDAQ:PLUG) has over the years remained dedicated to the provision of energy solutions that transform the way the world moves. The provider has decided to honor its veteran workforce.

This company has been commended for its move to identify, hire as well as retain veterans for the skilled positions in its national service organization and the Dayton Service Center. It has done much in coming up with attractive jobs for veterans throughout the entire company.

About one quarter of its nation-wide service team comprises of military service members and veterans. The ceremony held witnessed Plug Power and its veteran employees receive numerous accolades from the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

CEO for Plug Power, Andy Marsh opines, “The green-collar jobs Plug Power provides, specifically on our service team, compliment the training and discipline learned in the US military. We are proud to have created job opportunities for our dedicated veterans who have already given so much to serve our country.”

Reportedly, a number of high-level representatives across the State of Ohio were in attendance with all of them open-hearted to honoring the Plug Power’s veterans. The United States Senator Rob Portman has sent out a congratulatory message to Plug Power. It recognizes its effort towards helping the various veterans smoothly transition from the battlefield to civilian life.

As a matter of fact, there are those instances when veterans enter the unfamiliar job market that is rather demanding in terms of the required skills. They might be skills they haven’t employed over a long period of time. The official has been advocating for companies to embrace and hire veterans.

Asides from this, they have also called upon the same companies to support better workforce development programs for veterans returning home from service. Plug Power deserves to be congratulated for its unending efforts.

The United States Senator Sherrod Brown is delighted about the fact that the Ohio companies have been doing pretty much towards helping to ease the burden for veterans as they gradually transition from military life to a future career path.