The entry of Sprint Corp. (NYSE:S) into Florida means a lot to many business analysts. The state of Florida could soon be flourishing in terms of service and product delivery as we as from the fact that a large percentage of its jobless population would soon be in a position to land on a job. This follows after Sprint commissioned a number of its new retail stores in different parts of Florida. According to the Smart News Release, “Job hunters across central and North Florida will soon be in position to get themselves locally available job opportunities and thanks to Sprint because it is because of their efforts that there presence became a reality”

Sprint Capitalizes on Expansion Strategies

Through the Sprint’s regional president for Florida, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands, the new retail store will be able to offer more than 300 jobs. This retail store will serve Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Jacksonville and Gainesville. This is expected to be one of the retail expansion strategy implementation by Sprint. On the other hand, according to the president, Hidalgo, “We see a lot of continued opportunity for expansion across the state” From this statement, it is clear that Sprint is out to expand its markets by spreading its stores all over the entire state of Florida. This is aimed at meeting the objectives of its expansion strategies.

The retail expansion strategy has been actualized by hiring a professional team who will manage the recently launched Sprint Express. According to business analysts in Florida, the new stores will help the company to quickly expand in terms of distribution of products and services. Others have expressed their positive feeling about Sprint due to the fact that its presence will mean that customers will be served from a particular venue or premised services such as grocery stores, concerts and special events will be availed.

How Big Will Sprint Success Be?

The success of Sprint is also expected to be enormous because of the fact that it has created better ways of connecting with its customers as far as the customer needs are concerned. According to the branch president, the new Sprint customer service strategy will enable it to serve 59.7 million connected customers.

Sprint stock closed yesterday’s session at $8.70 after an improvement of $0.16 or 1.87%.