Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) has introduced a more enhanced SD-WAN solution that works on the company’s objective of offering its consumers the industry’s best run SD-WAN experience. The company’s new SD-WAN solution now boasts improved self-service monitoring and control alternatives, additional broadband flexibility, and a latest SD-WAN Concierge managed service that enhances application performance, simplifies network management and lowers costs. Consumers can also integrate SD-WAN with Diverse Connect to record a 100% availability service level agreement.

The details

Joseph Harding, the EVP and enterprise CMO at Windstream, reported that they launched their SD-WAN service in January, and they have recorded remarkable tremendous adoption in the initial six months as consumers find they gain from a more tailored, controllable and flexible WAN experience.  Following their deal with EarthLink, they are improving their SD-WAN solution as they work to integrate their offerings. The outcome is a remarkable new solution that provides consumers even greater network agility, performance and scalability, all while also virtually removing downtime and reducing costs.

Windstream’s SD-WAN solution provide consumers a top, fully-managed service that assists consumers get best from SD-WAN by having company professionals proactively monitor and enhance network environments for best application performance. The SD-WAN management tool offers unprecedented control and visibility of a consumer’s SD-WAN network through an industry leading centralized and easy-to-use management portal. It comprises the ability to rapidly and easily deploy configurations for latest services, locations and security policies.

Business Aware Cloud Network™ allows dynamic traffic steering dependent on real time network conditions to offer agility, reliability and flexibility to offer superior application performance and a dependable end-user experience. It offers improvement in cloud-based app performance with varied, low latency connections and Windstream-provided services like MPLS, UCaaS and Security services. Windstream improved solution offers a comprehensive suite of adjunct services particularly intended to enhance the customer experience.