Sprint (NYSE:S) announced recently that it will deliver free mobile devices and high-speed wireless internet service to more than 7,600 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students. The new devices will be supplied by both the Sprint Foundation and Sprint and this will help the high school students to research and learn, and accomplish their school work in depth.

Sprint and Sprint Foundation have vowed to the close the existing digital gap by providing the 21st-century technology to the Chicago high school children and assisting them to connect to a wide range of learning and economic prospects they deserve.

The company will offer the students with advanced devices including free tablets, hot spots, and smartphones, and a hotspot device and 3GB of high-speed internet each month for up to four years they will participate in high school education. The CPS joins other numerous schools throughout the Sprint’s countrywide program in an attempt to complete the ‘Homework Gap’ for poor students in the region who may not have access to the internet services at home.

Sprint looks forward to adding over 1 million high school students to the project in the next five years. In June, Sprint supplied the free wireless devices and free high-speed internet connectivity to more than 2,800 students in 25 Milwaukee public high schools making it the largest corporate initiative to bridge the digital gap among the students. Since most of the elements of the school work are carried out online, the Sprint’s 1million Project is the best inventiveness that has happened to the life of the students in the country.

Since the project provides more than the internet connection for homework, the project brings an opportunity to improve the lives and the future of many students in the whole country. The CPS students who will receive the smartphone will use it as a hotspot. In total, Sprint will be distributing 8,419 devices to CPS including the DuPage High School District, Youth Connection Charter School, and Township High School District among others.