Globalstar, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:GSAT) and IPmotion Inc. reported the establishment of Globalstar Japan Inc. and the release of commercial mobile satellite service. Globalstar Japan will provide a suite of mobile satellite offerings and services with data, voice, emergency and tracking S.O.S. capabilities and asset monitoring for the enterprise, government and consumer markets. It demonstrated these services and products at CEATEC Japan 2017 from October 3 to October 6.

The details

Jay Monroe, the CEO and Chairman of Globalstar, commented that with the release of Globalstar service in Japan, they will provide their unique suite of services and products to one of the leading markets in the world and continue their growth into new global markets. They are looking forward to associating with the team at IPmotion to get their lifesaving technology to Japan where they will offer reliable and affordable data and voice communications as major redundant services or as an extension to prevailing cellular systems.

Globalstar is a major player in the satellite telecomm industry servicing more than 700,000 subscribers across the globe and has produced numerous award winning offerings. Its SPOT family of devices is accountable for initiating more than 5,300 rescues worldwide and continues to offer peace of mind to consumers in over 120 nations.

Katsuaki Nishiura, the CEO of Representative Director of IPmotion, expressed that Gllobalstar Japan will mark as the fourth mobile satellite service provider firm in Japan, and he is thrilled to contribute to people’s safety and peace of mind by providing the Globalstar suite of offerings. In Japan, where natural disasters frequently occur, Globalstar devices will be uniquely valuable.

They are looking forward to become the exclusive provider of these much required satellite devices and services. The company will offer major solutions for safety and personal tracking, IoT, and mobile satellite devices for both local companies and consumers with an international reach.