In recognition of Sweetest Day on October 21, Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN), which recently introduced Groupon+ voucherless, cash-back restaurant offers perfect for daters, asked 2,000 folks in relationships about their biggest pain points in attempt to assist others avoid the same drawbacks. As per the data, folks still have work to do when it is about bringing romance to a relationship with around 60% of survey respondents stating they wish their associate was sweeter to them.

The details

A new Groupon survey performed in recognition of Sweetest Day found around 60% of Americans wish their associate was sweeter to them. The survey, performed by market researchers OnePoll and handled by Groupon, also saw that one out of every 5 folks in relationships admitted to being frequently led to jealousy by other couples who apparently have the perfect relationship.

Around 65% of respondents said they have gotten in an argument with their companion over a comparison to something in another duo’s relationship, half expressed they have felt unsettled by another couple’s social and financial lifestyle and four out of 10 expressed they have felt envious when another couple boasts about their sex life.

Guido Torrini, the GM and VP Groupon+, expressed that while there’s a lot of stress in relationships, hanging out for an evening shouldn’t add to it. There are several easy, affordable ideas that can assist people focus on more vital factors such as totally winning double date.

Nearly 65% of those surveyed expressed they frequently go on double dates with the average being in a relationship having around 16 of them per year. The 23 markets in the United States where Groupon+ is live include Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, San Jose, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa, Las Vegas, Austin, Newark, N.J., Denver, San Diego, Long Island, N.Y. and Orange County.