Pro-Trader Daily keeps an eye on the latest corporate news and events making the buzz for Zedge Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:ZDGE), following which they have released a free report available at The firm reported on September 25, 2017, that it intends to release a marketplace where people can monetize their creations in 2017. At Pro-TD, they make it their objective to bring market news that matter about the stock shareholders follow.

The highlights

Zedge reported that in order to support the development of this marketplace, it has bought IP assets from Freeform Development, Inc. and retained numerous critical members of its team including Freeform’s CEO and co-founder, Tim Quirk. He will assume the role of SVP of Marketplace at Zedge.

Freeform has been establishing a distribution platform that artists and musicians can use to record revenue by following a freemium monetization setup, similar to the one used by mobile gaming publishers.

Quirk is a leading product executive who helped launch Google Play and Rhapsody, the initial on-demand music subscription offering. The other co-founder of Freeform, Mr. Bryan Calhoun, who will be joining the Marketplace team, has a remarkable background in managing digital plan for multi-platinum artists, from preliminary plans for Kanye West to current work with Lil Wayne, G-Eazy, Nicki Minaj, The Roots, and many others.

Tom Arnoy, the Co-founder and CEO of Zedge, reported that the company has long been the site to go to for customer-generated mobile personalization content. Now they are making Zedge the best platform for amateur, professional and semi-professional artists who want a way to monetize and distribute their content.

With the engagement of the Freeform team, they look forward to releasing a marketplace built specifically for creators and artists of digital content. This marks as a remarkable opportunity for Zedge enabling them to both grow their client base and launch new revenue streams with exciting content.

Quirk added that by putting artists’ creation in front of Zedge’s over 31 million monthly active customers, it will offer artists a variety of ways to monetize their creations. Zedge’s mass-market popularity and well-respected brand will offer the ingredients to assist creators earn a living by making art and assisting fans seek the art that speaks to them.