One Drop reported a multi-part collaboration with Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) that will utilize the power of Fitbit wearable data to release improved data-led care management offerings to the diabetes community. The initial initiative will be to integrate better access to Fitbit data into the former firm mobile app for diabetes management, offering One Drop customers with quick access to Fitbit data, with the objective of helping users better comprehend the impact of physical activities on blood glucose management.

The details

Fitbit data will be used in One Drop reports, allowing physicians as well as One Drop experts and professional users to use this data to make more tailored, informed care decisions. Commencing in November, One Drop customers can sync Fitbit intraday data to respective One Drop accounts. This will enable users of the cloud-based diabetes management solution to easily integrate data from all Fitbit tools throughout the day, lowering the problem of manually tracking physical activity, heart rate and sleep data.

One Drop will even assess Fitbit data along with One Drop’s user-generated health data factors with the objective of surfacing deeper insights and enhancing health outcomes for all folks with diabetes worldwide. For instance, someone can potentially see the way their physical activity can affect blood glucose levels. One Drop expert customers will be able to assess this data with their own Certified Diabetes Educator as they associate together to fulfill tailored health goals.

Jeff Dachis, the Founder and CEO of One Drop, expressed that they strive to offer their community with the most comprehensive set of tools and data to manage their prediabetes or diabetes. Working with Fitbit, the major international wearables brand, was an obvious next step for One Drop.

The latter is among the top Fitness and Health apps in around 120 nations with more than 600,000 downloads globally. By advancing an app for Fitbit Ionic and integrating Fitbit data, the company will be able to offer their healthcare providers and users with deeper insights and data to better manage their problem of diabetes.