Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) which has invested over $17 billion into local communities, reported a new advertising campaign featuring the stories of people whose communities and businesses have seen remarkable successes through the Groupon platform. The advertisements highlight Groupon’s role as a powerful and effective high volume marketing platform that over a million businesses have utilized to connect with their adjacent community, grow their business and buy new and repeat clients––all while delivering savings of more than $26 billion.

The details

Jon Wild, the VP of marketing for North America at Groupon, expressed that they are thrilled to showcase some of the local merchants who have witnessed their businesses develop through Groupon. Every great neighborhood is highlighted by the local businesses and people that call it home, and they are delighted to offer an unparalleled platform for these two groups to link at scale and assist build interesting local spaces in the process.

The spots underline the value that local businesses offer by delivering unique experiences that create long-lasting memories and add to the overall economic health of their surrounding area, as well as the part Groupon plays in making these operations a success. Merchants showcased in the advertisements are from all over the U.S., spanning company’s three leading local business segments: health beauty, wellness, food and drink, and things to do.

The new campaign will run TV spots in :30 and :15-second formats on cable networks and broadcast such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, among others. All new spots can be seen through the Groupon YouTube channel. Building great communities comes in the list of Groupon’s five core values, and the firm is dedicated to continuing to promote plans that help support growth of small businesses.

Some of Groupon’s latest community-building campaigns have comprised creating a small business recovery fund for trades that were destroyed or damaged by the recent hurricanes, organizing discover downtown campaigns, planned deal collections that support and highlight the unique character of neighborhoods.