In the last trading session, the stock price of Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) declined 0.91% to close the day at $10. The gains came at a share volume of 38.95 million compared to average share volume of 56.17 million. More recently, the company reported the initial public cloud instances supported by the AMD EPYC™ processor.

The details

Microsoft Azure has used AMD EPYC processors in its facilities in advance of performance for its latest L-Series of VM for storage optimized workloads. This new family will take benefit of the connectivity support and high-core count of the AMD EPYC processor. Scott Aylor, the Corporate VP and GM of Enterprise Solutions, expressed that they are extremely delighted to be associating with Microsoft Azure to offer the benefits of AMD EPYC processors into their data facility.

There is remarkable prospect for users to deploy capabilities they can offer across storage and other workloads via the deployment of AMD EPYC processors on Microsoft Azure. They look forward to the sustained close deal with Microsoft Azure on upcoming instances throughout next year.

Corey Sanders of Microsoft Corp, stated that they are welcoming Advanced Micro’s new EPYC processor with the next-gen of their L-Series VM. They have enjoyed an extensive association with AMD on their next-gen open source cloud hardware offering named Microsoft’s Project Olympus. They consider Project Olympus will mark as the platform for future innovation between Advanced Micro and Microsoft, and they look forward to bringing more instance sorts in the future gaining from the memory bandwidth, I/O capabilities and core density of AMD EPYC processors.

The Lv2-Series function on the Advanced Micro EPYC 7551 processor. The Lv2 VMs will be offered beginning at eight and reaching to 64 vCPU sizes. These sizes will boost advanced networking features for the best throughput of any cloud.