Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) has been selected by KCP&L to improve the microwave communications network that enhances a range of mission-critical offerings for the utility’s power distribution and transmission grid. The new network is planned to support power reliability and delivery for KCP&L’s over 800,000 consumers in and around Kansas City, as well as parts of adjacent state of Kansas.

The details

KCP&L is strengthening its network utilizing company’s Wavence microwave, which will allow the utility to support its grid control applications together with its legacy data services utilizing a single, converged network. This process will simplify the operation and management of KCP&L’s network, while establishing he groundwork for the launch of growing grid applications in the future. This is comprised by a 10-year deal to allow network upgrades and expansions.

The current deployment is already ongoing and is to be concluded before the close of 2017.  A second phase comprising of 29 additional sites will be taken shortly after. Nokia’s Wavence incorporates features particularly intended to address the innovative needs of utilities, streamlining their transition from TDM know-how to Internet Protocol based networks.

For the assignment, Nokia is launching the unique microwave packet radio know-how as an overlay to current equipment. This approach will allow KCP&L to extend their bandwidth to boost new IP-based apps without the requirement for latest antenna infrastructure and without making a disruption of current communications, lowering costs and facilitating a smooth incremental migration to IP from TDM.

The Nokia Wavence portfolio is the major pure packet product portfolio in the industry, and was advanced with utilities’ strict guidelines for reliability, latency, resiliency and security in mind. The network is organized by Nokia’s Network Services Platform. This deal establishes on Nokia’s robust track-record offering mission-important networks to utilities, having served over 200 power utilities globally. It even highlights the development of Nokia’s plan of expanding its consumer base outside of the conventional telecommunications sphere.