We all love startups and especially the ones that can create havoc in a multi-billion dollar industry. While UBER and LYFT are still private and there is no way for a common trader and investor to grab a piece of these mammoth companies, small-cap companies provide a perfect platform to get in early before the crowd.

Carsmartt®, F/K/A Sport Supplement Group,Inc. (OTC-SRSP) is a Silicon Valley startup trading on the OTC markets that is breaking into the rideshare space. The company is already offering service in the US and areas of Europe and recently announced it is gaining momentum in South America.

Today the President of Carsmartt®, F/K/A Sport Supplement Group,Inc. (OTC-SRSP) Roy Capasso, announces corporate update. He states that “Marvin Vettori has entered an agreement to endorse the company Carsmartt®.” Marvin Vettori is an Italian mixed martial artist. He was the Venator Fighting Championship welterweight champion and currently competes in Middleweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

More info can be found at HERE.

Some of the key points to note about SRSP are:

Key Points:

  • SRSP is witnessing fast user growth as an emerging Silicon Valley startup in the explosive $12B rideshare space.
  • SRSP has recently moved into the $300 billion parcel shipping market.
  • SRSP has begun international expansion, establishing new campaigns in Mexico, Italy, and Columbia.
  • SRSP shares have been trending higher, above key moving averages, demonstrating an underlying supportive framework from insiders.
  • SRSP just recorded a MACD Bullish reversal, suggesting a technical confirmation of its recent upward bias.
  • SRSP shares have been forming a key technical pattern knows as a “bullish ascending triangle” which chartists see as a precursor to an eventual potential upward breakout.

At the current pps, SRSP looks like a great micro-cap find that could very well give LYFT and UBER and run for their rides. As always, it’s important to follow traders vigilance when trading micro cap stocks.