Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC:ETST) recently announced its plans for the beginning of 2018, as it left 2017 with a variety of big opportunities on the horizon. As soon as this month, the company has announced its expectations that its 2016 financials will be fully audited. This will help pave the way for the previously announced Tier II Regulation A+ offering paperwork to be submitted to the SEC for review. Once this offering has been completed (estimated for March), the company intends to file a Form 8A with the SEC and begin the process to up-list to the QB tier of the OTC Markets. This is a move that the company hopes will increase interest from institutional investors, due to the increase in transparency and outreach.

Also in the first month of the new year, the company intends to push forward with plans to develop and market new nutraceutical products with the help of a Montreal-based startup accelerator. These nutraceuticals will target patients suffering from chronic pain and psychological disorders. The partnership with Mr. Checkout is expected to reach full-swing within the month as well, which is expected to be a revenue driver for ETST.

With a strong first month lined up, the company shows no signs of slowing down throughout the rest of the first quarter either. In February, they expect to add three new C-level executives, including a CFO to aid with SEC reporting, auditing, and financials, a new CSO from a prominent, big-brand company, and a transition of Mr. Aviles (current CSO) from CSO to CLO (Chief Learning Officer). The new executives will help increase distribution and expand product awareness and education to stakeholders and consumers alike. On top of this, February is when ETST will be taking its final steps to launch clinical trials for its new CBD formula that targets the opioid epidemic by weakening withdrawal symptoms and decreasing urges to abuse the addictive opioids. This is also the month when the company has announced its intents to improve manufacturing processes and finish filing for the necessary trademarks for its MSN-2 medical device. This will help decrease margins and protect the company’s intellectual properties, and is a very important step prior to hitting the market at full-scale.

Nearing the end of Q1, the company hopes to begin its up-listing to the QB tier of the OTC Markets. This is reliant on the SEC’s approval of the company’s offering, and the completion of financial audits (which are both expected to be done within this timeframe, but are outside of the company’s direct control). At this time, the company plans to onboard a new COO to handle day-to-day operations so Mr. Tabraue can focus on big-picture items and general growth strategy full-time.

In closing, the company’s CEO, Dr. Michel Aubé expressed his optimism in the timing of the opportunities before the company, stating that the company, “will clearly be recognized as a leader in cannabinoids research and other health science research arena. Our future is shining bright.” With plenty of progress having been made in 2017, it will be exciting to watch how 2018 begins to unfold for this budding company.