Haarlem municipality understands all the intricacies surrounding the administration of legal documents and that might serve as the perfect explanation as to why it resorted to the development of the IOTA (MIOTA) based “Blockchain” solution.

Both Xurux and ICTU were commissioned by the Haarlem municipality. These two are a real showcasing of the Proof of Concept required in the area of verifying the various legal documents within the public registers and of course that is specifically through the open source ‘IOTA-Blockchain.’

The best part about both the ICTU and the Xurux developed software lies in the fact that the two guarantee the authenticity of the legal documents in question and that is where the open source ‘Blockchain’ IOTA (MIOTA) usually comes into play.

An ideal case is that scenerio where a given citizen moves ahead to provide a clear demonstration to the housing corporation. He /she is required to offer sufficient proof that he/she is an inhabitant of Haarlem city and that is to be done through a Blockchain means. The exciting bit is that the citizen won’t be compelled to pay a visit to the town hall in order to obtain the official extract.

The innovation manager of the municipality of Haarlem who is also at the same time the one behind the projection initiation, Bas de Boer proceeded to outline that the Proof of Concept showed that the mutual distributed ledger technologies or the blockchain could be implemented but that was to be in the short term. It is all about technology enhancement and its adaptation to the public domain which when in full force ends up improving the society in totality.

The mere step to settle on the IOTA is a great move considering it means several drawbacks in line with the Bitcoin blockchain are already catered for. These may include transaction costs, high energy consumption and the somehow slow transaction speeds.

It is an open source software upon release and that implies that the various municipal and governmental organizations working closely with the public register extracts can move ahead and take advantage of it for free.