Enjin Coin (ENJ) has disclosed that it will launch the Efinity network in the third quarter of this year. The game-channel network will be especially suited to performing gaming transactions that are highly scalable. This will allow games to conduct volumes of transactions that are nearly infinite between the game server and millions of players at nearly no cost and at high speeds.

Currently these transactions are verified using the blockchain technology of Ethereum (ETH) and they lack trust. With Efinity more complex functionality will be provided and this includes approving and transferring tokens, melting tokens, non-fungible tokens, token bundles, ability to update whitelists meant for bound tokens, offering escrow for multiple tokens etc.

Testnet version

At the moment there is a dedicated team which is focusing on the development of Efinity. The project is expected to take six months. Before the launch in the third quarter as earlier mentioned, a testnet version will be released sometime in the second quarter of this year.

With the Efinity networks developers of games will now have a framework with which they can easily build games that possess decentralized logic and assets. Other features that are set to be introduced include gameplay mechanisms that are trustless.

Enjin will also be introducing the Token Bundles concept which allows tokens representing new compound items to be collected. Using this feature it will be possible to build complex game items. It will also be possible to create a backpack token bundles which can be traded and use in the same manner as single tokens.

Non-fungible tokens

With non-fungible tokens, players will be able to tokenize their accounts, signature items or individual avatars while leaving behind a traceable history. These could then be added to other assets belonging to a particular player.

Initially when the original whitepaper for Enjin Coin was released it specified gaming tokens that are fixed supply. Since then a system that is flexible and one that has room for different token supply models has been developed. This will see a fixed maximum supply set as well as a fixed amount of increment or decrement and these can be set using a token minter.