Coinbase Eyes Acquisitions with New Hire. Having suffered quite a number of setbacks, it has still re-emerged with an intention of making new acquisitions. Besides the intents for the acquisition it has also brought onboard a business development tactician.

Emilie Choi the former LinkedIn VP of corporate development has now been appointed the company’s new VP in charge of corporate development.

Choi has been as a more proactive partner having spurred the growth of LinkedIn through more than 40 acquisitions with a remarkably the purchase of Lynda at approximately $1.5 billion back then in 2015.

With the current speedy expansion and growth of the Crypto- currency space, Coinbase’s new corporate development VP is expected to help steer the company by helping the company figure out and getting proper deals done.

Also with company’s aspirations on the new acquisitions, Choi is expected to help evaluate deals at the company’s disposal and also mine for new target spots that may be ripe for the company’s missions.

In its strategies, the company aims to acquire some companies basically for the purposes of acquiring more employees however the main objective out of it is to be able to acquire deals in both the middle scale and the large scale acquisitions.

The company had also been recorded to have increased in its revenues by the end of last and this has greatly given it a motivation towards getting prospective projects done and steered in the best interest in the stakeholders

According to Recode, the globe’s highest bitcoin trading broker received $ 1 billion in revenues in the last year supported by fever pitch over bitcoins coupled with other currencies that the users can acquire and dispose over the Coinbase App.

Besides having suffered in terms of suits, Coinbase also suffered outages during the period in which Bitcoin exchange saw an unrivalled traffic and trading when the crypto-currencies attained their record levels.

With the much anticipated success, quite a large number of outside investors have expressed interest in owning a share of the company. Though having been able to raise $100 million in the past half a year, there might be a possibility of raising again after being public.