The principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bill Gates has made a statement that has left much in terms of speculation among crypto enthusiasts and others. The business guru outlined that cryptocurrencies was a form of technology that had resulted in a lot of deaths in a fairly direct way.

Fundamentally, the aspect of anonymity is the distinguishing factor of crypto currencies and the top executive took a strong stand that he did not find it to be a good thing. He termed the government’s success in finding terrorist funding and tax evasion and money laundering a good thing.

A t the moment, most of the crypto currencies are used in the purchase of fentanyl as well as other forms of drugs and that is what he has been considering to finally term them deadly. According to him, the speculative wave revolving around crypto currencies and ICOs is very risky and he pointed out to those that go long.

It is clear that the online drug purchases have lately been on the rise and quite a large number of the drug users are still inclined to the purchase of illicit products via the ‘traditional’ methods.
A person following of the latest developments opined, “According to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, regardless of country, less than half of drug users purchases substances through the dark web in any given country. The global median for percentage of drug users who use the dark net is 10.1 percent.”

Bill Gates has moved ahead to outline that he did not like crypto at all citing how well shaded the flow of money actually is and it goes without saying that his statements are commanding a huge attention from around the globe.

Being such a great figure makes a lot of people trust his opinion a huge deal and at that point it is crucial to outline that it is not quite a large number of people that has an in-depth understanding of the crypto world.

The strong stand of this business guru will of course impact the crypto world in one way or the other. However, we just have to wait and see.