OpenVision Labs, a New York-based streaming media company, recently announced that they launched their pay-per-view (PPV) streaming solution in conjunction with Hollywood actor, Adam Beach. The platform seeks to give a voice to underrepresented parties while providing opportunities for commercialization. This will help artists fund future endeavors and create join advertising opportunities between artists and the OpenVision platform at-large.

The OpenVision PPV platform creates opportunities for politicians, artists, influencers, and independents to get their messages out to more consumers, which serves to build revenue streams for those content creators, which can be used to fund additional content creation on the OpenVision network. As more content is created, more cross-marketing opportunities will exist, and this will ultimately lead to an opportunity for the company to leverage the network effect.

Launching this platform with a partnered PPV launch of Adam Beach’s “The Watchman’s Canoe” provides early platform awareness to Adam Beach’s fans, which could be an important early factor, given his film credits in “Suicide Squad” and “Joe Dirt,” to name a few.

The company hopes the launch of this new PPV platform empowers film makers to take distribution into their own hands and ultimately create a paradigm shift in how media is created, shared, and consumed.