SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s subsidiary Amazon Technologies Inc recently won a patent for streaming a data marketplace. The report released a couple of days ago says that with this new patent Amazon users will be liable to get real-time cryptocurrency transactions data. Also, the e-commerce giant recently developed a new Android browser app, “Internet” and has now made it available for the Indian users.

Amazon is a huge company that has to manage a large amount of data. The report on patent reveals that the company developed a technology to handle the issue of huge data management. It will process the massive streaming data but keep the latency relatively low. The description reveals that it is a system in which organizations and even individuals can put in streaming data feeds for sale and the customers can approach them through subscription.

The process for building a data marketplace will require more technological aid and the developers will be building real-time dashboards, generate alerts, capture exceptions, drive recommendations and also take operational or real-time business decisions.

The streaming marketplace could be used for different purposes including web site click-streams, manufacturing instrumentation, marketing and financial information, metering data, operational logs, and social media and so on. And the marketplace will also have a notable inclusion in the form of cryptocurrency market.

Amazon Launches Android Web Browser App In India

Amazon recently came up with its own version of Android web browser app which will have the capacity for minimal storage and data. Called “Internet” the app now is available for the Indian users. It was initially launched through Google play in the app store in March. Surprisingly, the e-commerce company has not made a public announcement of the launch of this app. In India, it is only available to users on Android 5.0 and higher devices.

Reports indicate that this new app is somewhat similar to that of Facebook Lite, Gmail Go, or YouTube Go which are the slimmer versions of their original mobile forms. The basic features are similar to that you will find in full apps but the only major difference is that it will take less space and hence are more efficient when it comes to spotty network connections.