Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of a special blockchain-technology based network to make the operations easier on Etherum and Hyperledger Fabric platforms. The cloud-computing subsidiary of the e-commerce giant has come up with templates that will create and configure all the resources of AWS to ensure that the users can carry on their operations in a robust and scalable fashion.

According to Jeff Barr, the chief evangelist at AWS, it will be possible for the users to launch their own network for both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric in just a few clicks thereby making it easier for the users to launch their networks quickly and easily using the templates. AWS announced its foray into the world of distributed ledger technology via its blog. It is the first attempt by the subsidiary of Amazon into the ecosystem of blockchain technology.

This new development and launch are not sudden as the things were already in pipeline. In 2016, AWS made an announcement saying that it wants to work with the startups by providing them dedicated technical support and required infrastructure. It seems that the launch of this distributed ledger technology is one step in this direction.

At that time the press release from AWS stated that when it comes to innovation in the world of financial services, distributed ledger technology is at the forefront which is why the company is working in tandem with reputed blockchain providers and financial institutions to come up with innovation and carry out frictionless experimentation. A publication in March this year stated that Google too is thinking in the direction of developing its cloud business using blockchain solutions.

Detailed Instructions And Developing Ethereum Template

AWS has made it easier for the users interested in coming up with their Ethereum templates by offering detailed instructions about how to set up things supporting mining. The instructions that are a part of the blog post published by AWS on its official site instructs the users regarding setting up EthStats for providing network metrics and the ways to use the EthExplorer tool that will display transactions and details of contracts entered into the ledger.