Boerse Stuttgart recently announced that its subsidiary company, Sowa Labs is planning to make available the Bison App for the cryptocurrency traders in fall this year. Incidentally, Boerse Stuttgart is the topmost stock exchange company of Germany. With this new launch, the country will go a step forward in taking hold of the cryptocurrency base and exploiting the retail exchanges world.

Sowa Labs is a fintech company that has introduced Bison, a mobile app that will support trading in Ripple, Ethereum, bitcoin, and Litecoin. A press release says that the app will also support more coins in the coming days. It is not going to be easy for the new app to compete with the likes of established cryptocurrency trading apps such as Robinhood. Both these apps offer somewhat similar facilities and features including zero trading fees and free downloading.

Bison To Bridge The Gap Between Retail Exchanges And CryptoCurrency Trading

This new emergence of apps in the cryptocurrency world is an indication that the retail exchanges are also trying to come to the forefront from the sidelines and are eager to be a part of the mainstream cryptocurrency world. The Bison app will surely serve as a bridge for bringing retail exchanges and cryptocurrency trading together.

The app is offering several freebies to the first users. The initial first users of Bison application may become the lucky winner of the crypto prizes. According to an official release, the first 1000 members may get to win three Bitcoins that are donated to the prize pool. There are several other prizes in Litecoin, Ripple, and Ether.

Experts believe that the introduction of this application can encourage the potential investors who until now have been hesitating to break the barriers. With the launch of Bison app, the users will directly gain a straightforward entry into the digital currency investment. The official website of Sowa Labs says that Bison app will facilitate effortless and fast trading which you can initiate within a few clicks.

According to the managing director of Sowa Labs, Ulli Spankowski, Bison app is the first of its kind app that has a backing of traditional stock exchange and hence is expected to make trading digital currencies much easier than before.