BitPay has moved ahead to reveal that it has a great deal at hand. The company, which has remained to be a leader in payment technology for over quite a long period of time, has said that MCT watches had earlier on made an announcement indicating that it was willing to accommodate payments in form of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in line with the global orders.

It is worth mentioning that the watch-making company was quite welcoming to the arrival of the new service of online payments and one of the best parts was the fact that it was pulling along with the free global shipment.

A person familiar with the latest developments but who wanted his identity shielded has moved ahead to outline that from now moving forward customers would be in the position to make online purchases of watches and of course they were looking forward to using the BTC instant payments.

The Swiss luxury watchmaker is turning its back on the traditional online payment and as a result directing its focus on the cryptocurrency payments. Just in a few clicks, one can be able to move ahead and buy the revolutionary timepieces with Bitcoin directly from the website. Most of the customers appreciate the idea of the watches getting delivered around the world without any shipping fee.

MCT is now able to receive payments from anywhere regardless of the amount. It doesn’t the kind of computer or mobile device is being used and the long and short of it is that it is about unlocking new markets and opportunities.

The online sales are bringing about the possibility of the various users purchasing their desired luxury watches much more easily and that is considering the fact that while anywhere around the globe all they need to do is simply make a make click.

It goes without saying that this will move quite a long way helping boost sales as well as promote the MCT watches. It will be building on the popularity of the pioneer which is at the same time the senior most platform in BTC and blockchain payments.