The news about the establishment of a treatment center in Scotland to help persons struggling with crypto trading addiction was applauded by analysts from across the world. This facility is based in Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire which is widely known for the treatment of drug and alcohol addicts.

The crypto trading addicts and its ways to assist them

The focus will now stretch to assisting the various persons who are finding it difficult to control the addiction related to trading altcoins and Bitcoin. Most of the experts take the stand that most of the crypto trading addicts have been showing similar behavioral patterns as gamblers. It is the reason why the new program will focus on the delivery of methods quite similar to those used for gambling addicts.

The professor of behavioral addiction at Nottingham Trent University, Mark Griffiths, while addressing several news reporters outlined that addiction to cryptocurrencies was a sub-type of the online day-trading addition.

Quite a significant number of people around the globe regard themselves as cryptocurrency traders, though in the real sense they are addicts. Chris Burn, an expert that works at Castle Craig Hospital says that the high risk cryptocurrency is rather appealing to the problem gambler. It is said to offer the much needed escape from reality and is exciting as well.

Tony Marini’s perspective

Over the period that Bitcoin has been trading, major gains and losses have been witnessed and experts have termed it a classic bubble situation. Tony Marini is one of the many therapists that will be entrusted with the delivery of treatments for crypto trading addiction.

Marini has outlined that the matter is nothing new to him because he had been there before. He outlined that it was his s his own addiction that gave him the empathy and insight towards the other people that had been struggling with the same situation.

He sees it as a great idea for a given addict to join the rest in sharing their experiences. He termed it the very first step in coffering the required treatment. It was in the previous month that reports showed that more people were embracing cryptocurrency in making their transactions.