A Russian, who purchased crypto mining equipment online for the personal use, has landed in trouble with customs department stopping the clearance. The Russian court has also banned the import crypto mining equipment into the nation.

Russian City Court Bans Import of Crypto Mining Equipment

According to the local media, a Tobolsk based city court has barred the import of equipment for mining cryptocurrency. The ban is also applicable to the local importer.

A Russian, who stays in Tobolsk City has ordered the server equipment at an online store for his own use, scientific or mathematical applications. The customs department has imposed nontariff restrictions on crypto mining equipment. The nontariff regulations restrict the export or import of services or goods.

The customs department said its requires additional permits from the Russian Federal Security Service and the same is conveyed to the individual. But, it has not received the necessary documents from the Russian citizen and stopped the clearance.

Citizen Files a Case in the Court Against Customs Department Decision

Challenging the decision of the customs department, the Russian Citizen has filed a case in the city court of Tobolsk. The court has given the ruling after examining the evidence submitted by the customs department that declaration of the citizen is not acceptable. It has supported the decision of the customs department.

President Says Something about Cryptocurrency in Public But Do Nothing

When asked about the issue of cryptocurrency in Russia, President Vladimir Putin Gives an ambiguous answer during an annual live and answer session held on June 7, 2018.

Artem Khokholikov, a Russian blogger, aimed three questions relating to the crypto at the Russian President during the question and answer session.

Whether the nation will have its own cryptocurrency? Whether the Russian government regulates the crypto? Do you feel that crypto will become a regular currency replacing the existing currency in Russia in the near future?

Mr. Putin said a centralized state cannot have a cryptocurrency. Therefore, Russia will not have cryptocurrency on its own since the digital currency allows cross-border trade without any control. Though Russia is not regulating the digital currency but treats it very carefully. In the nutshell, the Russian Government does not support crypto.